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Company Overview

Oxagon – a perfect product blend of unified ideas, vision and business philosophy delivered with unique personal approach. Different, exciting, innovative - this is us.

We have focused our best of efforts in delivering a complete range of IT Services. Our highly skilled specialists have been in the industry for years, building reputation and experience second to none. Their professional qualities are internationally recognized by clients, independent surveyors, even competitors. Excellent experts from each area of the IT Industry have given their commitment and dedication for one bright idea - Oxagon.

Our company perfectly understands how important is the human resource strategy and management for successful business results. This is why in Oxagon we constantly invest in human resources, providing extensive trainings for all our employees, making sure we are updated with latest in high-tech innovations, which enables us to provide a modern and competitive product with unique features and design to all our customers.

We work fast, effective and our rates are more than attractive.
One of Oxagon’s main objectives is diversity. We think that through diversification of our products and covering every aspect of the IT Services we will be able to take it to completely new level- expand and improve at the same time.

Web and 3D Design, Computer Repairs, Complete Corporate Identity, Network Design & Implementation, SEO, Support Contracts, Hosting – get it all from one source – Oxagon. We have the solution. The right one.