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We have been using OXAGON as our branding and website design provider since the beginning of 2009. The OXAGON team did a fantastic job of helping us to build our corporate Identity, improve our company vision, launch the product and bring it to market. They analysed our needs, planned our marketing campaign from scratch and delivered a product far beyond our expectations. The team showed great design and software development skills providing a customer friendly yet efficient and affordable product and administrative solutions. The performance on the project was exceptional, all deliverables were high-quality, on schedule, and within budget. In 2010 their technical core overtook our whole IT infrastructure offering great on-site and remote support. The company currently covers all our IT needs – they optimised our setup and significantly reduced our costs in every aspect of our work. Our experience with OXAGON is stress free, they work great as a team, attending our needs in a polite and comprehensive manner. We are very pleased with the work they are doing for us, and highly recommend them if you need assistance with your IT infrastructure, product launches or online marketing. To all at OXAGON – thank you for being such a great partner! It’s a pleasure working with you. Michael Mihaylov Managing Director


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Oxagon Portfolio

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In the day-to-day life over 90% of the information for the surrounding environment is received visually. In Oxagon we have perfectly understood the importance of showing our customers exactly what we provide and we consider that a detailed and attractive selection discovering each technical and artistic aspect of all company's services is crucial for creating a positive first impression. It should contain the essence of company's vision and ideas, presented in a comprehensive way.

Our portfolio is regularly updated with all latest projects and designs, visualizing the best of our creativeness.

3D Design Portfolio

In Oxagon we know that this particular element tells a lot to the customer, and we focus our continuous strive for perfection in delivering an impressive, but still balanced and stylish visual presentation of the company.

Our dedicated team undertakes each project as a true challenge and we consider it completed only upon client's full satisfaction.

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