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Our initial business contacts with Oxagon Ltd started when we decide it that Evlo Ltd needs a new customised company logo. The person who was appointed to help me with my ideas was very creative and did manage to put my ideas into reality and I was more than pleased with the final version our new company vision. After finalising our corporate identity project I did share with them what I was aiming at for our company and we did start working on a new project of setting up a server. We did sign a contract with Oxagon to take care of our entire IT network and they have been our IT provider. I am glad that Evlo can rely on someone like Oxagon to take care of all our IT needs and I do hope that we will continue building our business relations further as we constantly grow and expand as company too. Vanya Zamfirova, Director

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In Oxagon we do not simply offer top quality service, we share our vision and ideas with the clients. Choosing us, you will get much more than just perfectly completed project – we will take you through a true experience in which we will use all our knowledge and experience to achieve all your requirements. We welcome you as a stranger, but we will not send you as a friend, because our dedication and commitment to our customers do not end. One of our company's main objectives is to take perfect care for our clients, and since they are Oxagon's  most valuable resource, we focus our best of efforts to have them completely satisfied. Our fast response team of highly skilled professionals provides top quality support, as well as fast and effective solutions for any situation – anytime, anywhere.

Building trust is essential and is one of Oxagon's main business principals- the result is that when a problem appears, our customers do not panic – hey just call us on our free line.

One of Oxagon's main advantages is that we are a Complete IT Service company and those are delivered with a unique approach and perfection to the minor detail. Getting an "all in one" solution is a smart decision, which guarantees business customers, as well as individual clients, impressive final product and great results.

Choosing to trust your identity, hardware or design project in our hands, means you can cross off all the usual hassle and issues from your list- with us they simply do not exists. Our specialists work as a perfectly synchronized and calibrated machine, delivering a homogenous final blend of creative ideas, unified vision and latest high- tech implementations, all this, in a balanced and competitive product.

We find perfection in diversity. Be different, be unique, be better – get Oxagon's Design and Hardware Custom Services. We believe in what we do and we stand for our products.

“One mind, one vision – a perfect product and one company- Oxagon” – Kris Uzunov ( Sales Executive)