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Web Questionnaire

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Detailed information is essential to the successful outcome of any design project. Being chosen to turn your vision into reality is a great responsibility for us, and we would like our job to meet your criteria to your full satisfaction. In order to do that we ask you to complete this brief questionnaire. It is specifically designed to reflect your ideas and preferences through number of comprehensive answers, so OxagoN Design Service provide creative approach and unique product.

Do you have an existing website? If so, what is the URL (web address)?
What is the nature of your business? Describe the type of your business.
Please select five adjectives to describe your company
Your Corporate Identity

Do you have a logo?

Would you like us to design you a new logo?
Logo Questionnaire
About Your Company
When thinking about your company, what images comes to mind?
How does your company differentiate itself from its competitors, what makes yours more unique?
What type of look are you trying to achieve?

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What kind of customer base/type are you targeting for this site?
What would you consider the age group of your target audience?
What do you expect to be included in your web? What do you want people to see and know?
How many pages do you think it will take?
Specify the name of each page, e.g. Home, Services, About us etc.

Will you be able to supply all photos and custom graphics for the site?

Will you be able to supply the text content for the site?

Do you want content management (the ability to modify your web page)?

Are you intending to do ecommerce now or in the future?

Do you want a shopping cart?

Do you want to accept payments online?
Please list at least 3 URLs (web addresses) of high quality sites that you like

Do you have a domain name?

Do you have a hosting?
Any other important information that will help us designs the best possible site for your needs?
Is there anything that is an absolute MUST have? Can you think of anything else we should know about you or your business or your requirements before we begin?
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