Network Design and Installation

Any project, large or small, private or public. From network planning and design, through procurement and installation to configuration and maintenance – OXAGON is a full service provider with hundreds of successfully completed projects spanning over 16 years of operations.

Relying fully on our in house team we have the specialist expertise, proven record and certification to complete even the most complex of commercial and residential network challenges. Partnering with a meticulous selection of world’s leading manufacturers we have the confidence of taking on even the most demanding network projects locally and internationally and successfully bringing them to on schedule completion.

Our network design and installation solutions are imperative for forward-looking enterprises from any industry or sector. Whatever your needs are our network experts have the vast industry experience, knowledge and agility needed to adapt and work to your requirements. Networks are the backbone of any future-focused business and OXAGON use the latest technology and out of the box approach while remaining practical and budget conscious. We regularly go above and beyond best practice and industry standards in our continuous efforts to design and install the optimal network solution.

OXAGON networks are tailored to suit the needs of your operations, shape the work and processes within and guarantee the continuity of your business keeping future costs to a minimum. Whether your existing network needs evaluation, redesign and upgrade or you have a new project requiring complete consultancy, planning and implementation OXAGON can handle it on time and glitch-free.

Uninterrupted workforce connectivity and round the clock business data accessibility with maximum security and preventative maintenance applied is what your business deserves and we are here to deliver.